Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A review of my new book!

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March 2014, Cover Stories, Book Review
New Orleans Carnival Krewes
By Mona L. Hayden   Wed, Feb 26, 2014

The History, Spirit & Secrets of Mardi Gras

Book written by Rosary O’Neill, PhD

Those outlandishly entertaining carnival krewes, the pillars of Mardi Gras, are revealed in all their glory by author Rosary O’Neill who has documented the birth, history, and structure of the krewes after extensive research. Also included in the book are several oral histories from Mardi Gras insiders – a carnival guru, a debutante, and a masked Baby Doll – who share their front row visions. There’s even an impressive bibliography and index for reference.

In the pages of New Orleans Carnival Krewes, you’ll quickly learn that Carnival isn’t just a seasonal occurrence but a year-round event via numerous festivals in New Orleans. With many charts and photographs, the book details the entire Mardi Gras experience. Novices and veteran festival goers alike will appreciate all the facts, tidbits, and behind the scene information that Dr. O’Neill has collected and shared in her book. And just in time…